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The History of Speedos

Partnering with a favourite local client of mine is always fun, especially when Giggle Chicken also happen to engage the animation services of our mutual friends at Orchard Film! This is our most recent venture, tackling the History of the humble swimmers known and worn the world over – the Speedo®!

Anime Debut

Stepping into the “Arena” with my first ADR-session for anime, I had a lot of fun giving voice to the Evil Dragon in Episode 4 – “The Battle of the Masters” of Just Esperia Things, a series of short anime episodes from AFK Arena, by Lilith Games. (Don’t let the credits fool you, I did voice the dragon!)

Explainers for Melda Production

The below video playlist is a loose series of explainer videos I worked on for the company Melda Production – creators and developers of digital instruments and plugins for audio editing software programs. 

Local Government Video Narration

Working with a regular client that pooled the talents of myself for voiceover work, and a local animation & videography team, I had a ball lending my voice to the below videos that sought Victorians’ feedback that would help shape the coming 30+ years here in our home state.

Planning for Melbourne’s Green Wedges and Agricultural Land

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning Victoria

Melbourne’s Future Planning Framework

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning Victoria

There were also specific videos made for the six sectors of Melbourne: Eastern Metro, Inner Metro, Inner South East Metro, Northern Metro, Southern Metro, and Western Metro.

Local Business Promotional Video

Crew Talent Advisory

Short Film Voiceover

Graveyard Shift

Written by & starring Steven Crampton (with voices by TheNeth)
Directed by Liam Pa’apa’a
Produced by mOB. in association with Quackpot Media

Audiobook-style Narration

Praetorian [Original Horror Audiobook]

By Tyrone Bruinsma

D&D Campaign Character Introduction

D&D Entries: Fredrick Falstad (The Master Weaponsmith)

By MaximumViews

And for some extra silliness...

Conto — (Language warning)

By Harry Drummond

Dialga and Palkia’s Loud Adventures 4 (2017)

By MegaMitch

Oldies, but still goodies...

Heaven Can Wait by Meatloaf (singing cover – 2015)

Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden (singing cover – 2014)

While these are indeed quite old videos in-and-of themselves, they can still serve to show that singing has been a passion for a long time.

Despite not having more up-to-date videos to show, I still sing for pleasure all the time and have recently been exploring subharmonics due to my general register settling into the deeper baritone range. I’d be more than happy to upload an unlisted video, should you have a particular request.

Image of the Australian Aboriginal Flag

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