Laneth – August 30, 2023

About TheNeth

Born in 1983, Laneth …absolutely refuses to tell their whole sordid life story 😛

They will, however, continue to write in the third-person, making this just as confusing to write as I’m sure it will be to read. So, hello from Laneth!

Living up to the classic trope of ‘reinventing oneself at/around age 40’, this late-30s Aussie corporate tragic is on the precipice of a rather dramatic and immediate shift into their next chapter…

As someone that had always longed to live a creative life, both professionally and personally, it seems there is a time limit to how long the universe will wait for someone to jump off the deep end and “take risks,” as the decision was recently made for them.

Faced with a fairly clear calendar, it would appear that the path forward is pretty clear!

So, wannabe actor/voice actor, how about it? You ready?!

Alright, that’s enough of that I think. Hi, it’s Laneth. I kinda got tired of trying to keep that third-person writing up while also keeping it somewhat entertaining …to me 😛

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep desire to perform – be it acting on screen or stage – and in recent years, through voice acting, I’ve found that there is a unique feeling that comes from each different performance style.

Musical theatre makes me feel alive like nothing else. Something about being on stage, singing and dancing around in the company of people whose passion is equally aflame and feeling the energy from the audience brings out a level of energy and confidence that I’ve just not been able to find in any other activity in life.

Screen acting is amazing fun, especially when you work with fellow actors and a production crew that form a tight, collaborative energy on set and build each other up towards an amazing performance all around.

But voice acting. Oh man, what can one say about a medium that combines that sense of performance and pride with the ability to embody personas and characters far beyond the limits of your physical form? With a versatile voice, an adept director, a well written script, and a talented audio engineer, the sky really is the limit with what one can do with voiceover.

Commercial adverts, corporate explainers, government campaign videos.

Podcasts, Audiobooks, Educational materials.

On-hold & phone menu systems, text-to-speech services, dialogue replacement / ADR.

VIDEO GAMES! ANIMATIONS! Characters that are young or old, fictional or based on real people, your sex or one completely different; truly, the list goes on and on!

Voice Over / Voice Acting has become the primary performance focus of mine since mid-2019, and now we’re approaching the tail-end of a global pandemic I’ve found myself in an amazing position to be able to position this at the fore of my professional life.

My time during COVID-19 was spent in seclusion, adjusting to a raft of mental health diagnoses and medications (that have changed my life for the better in ways I could never have imagined!), and searching within myself for what it means to be “TheNeth”, and just who Laneth truly is deep down.

I’ve always been alternately spiritual, striving to live what many would deem to be a “greenie” or hippy-esque life, and the almost twelve months I spent as a hermit gave me the opportunity to truly realise what sort of life I could live, if I was to unapologetically indulge my introverted self and pursue a quiet, slower pace than the one I’d been living since thrust out on my own at seventeen some twenty-one years ago.

Gardening, reading, writing, drinking tea, and seeing friends at a less relentless pace – these all became things that I would wake to with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. I recognise the privilege I have to be able to slow myself down, to have been working part time for the past couple of years which, at my age and without any savings at all, is vastly unheard of these days!

So, this is me. If you’ve read this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are seeking someone to provide a voice for a project of yours, or if you’re a local director seeking a bearded actor with ever-lengthening hair, or indeed if you’re just someone who is keen to just correspond with me online; welcome and thank you for stopping by. <3

Until we speak, may the sun shine warmly on your face.


Laneth “TheNeth” Sffarlenn

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