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Comment Policy

The aim of this page isn’t to push rules that are unreasonable, but to request a sense of common-sense and decency be employed while commenting on our site.

To that end, please find below the few requests that we make for folks looking to comment and engage on our site.


Tone and Attitude

Heated discussion and debate may be welcome in many cases, but any comments that include a personal attack or hurtful words – against either Laneth themselves or any other participant in the discussion – is not acceptable.

  • We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other forms of hate-speech—nor any contributions that could be interpreted as such.
  • Our goal is to ensure an inviting and open space for discussion. For this reason, we will at our own discretion distinguish between intelligent – be it calm or heated – and abusive / provocative discussion.
  • This also relates to a “devil’s advocate” form of engagement. If one is clear and honest in one’s discussions, there is simply no need to argue a counter point just for the sake of doing so. It impresses nobody and frankly is quite arrogant and purposefully antagonistic.

MODERATION: We reserve the right to caution participants openly so that all can see; the intent being to redirect the flow of discussion while allowing it to continue, and we likewise reserve the right to remove any offending comments and may revoke the posting privileges of any participants involved.

This may occur without warning or discussion, however we will make direct contact with concerned parties where and when we deem it appropriate and necessary.

Clarity and intent

Be mindful that you may be misunderstood if you are not clear in your meaning. Review the content of your comment – before posting – to best ensure your message will be taken as intended.

Without intimately knowing the others involved in a discussion, it is not always possible to ensure your intention will be clear – especially in an online and “anonymous” environment.

You do have an obligation, however, to make a clear and obvious effort in being both understanding of others, and as clear in your intent as you can.

Remember that text is not always an ideal medium for discussion. The tone of your comment – be it serious, sarcastic, or light-hearted – will not always be obvious. Replying to an offended participant with “clearly you can’t take a joke” or “I was just being sarcastic / I was just joking” is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.

MODERATION: If a comment critical of our work has been deleted, there will have been other factors involved, such as unnecessarily abusive or hurtful words. We will always take action against such a comment, in defence of our guests and of ourselves alike.

If a comment is removed, related comments may also be removed – whether offensive or not – so as to avoid a series of nonsensical ‘leftover’ comments.

‘Shouting’ and other forms of attention-seeking

When communicated via text, the composing of entire words, sentences, or posts in capital letters (ALL CAPS) is generally considered ‘shouting’ and is, in most communities, frowned upon. Here, it is regarded as inappropriate conduct – within reason.

In the same vein, the excessive changing of font styles and colours will not be tolerated, and the overuse of ’emoji’ characters will also lead to moderation.

These behaviours are considered an attempt to have one’s comment stand out from those of other participants, as they can surely serve no other obvious purpose than to speak over your fellow commenters.

MODERATION: Offending posts will be removed, repeat offenders may be banned.

User Avatars

It is a necessary factor that you avoid the use of graphic imagery in your user photo/display picture (also known as an avatar). This may include sexually explicit, suggestive or revealing imagery; depictions of violence or gore; crude imagery; the celebration or depiction of criminals or criminal activity; propaganda.

The details around this requirement may change without notice, however understand that this is a professional website and not a personal blog. Such imagery, while not necessarily distasteful in personal networks, is inappropriate in a professional setting and comments by users with such imagery will be removed, and users may be banned if they are repeat offenders.

Comment Moderation

Laneth moderates all comments themself, and may employ automation to assist, either by using:

Filters: A word filter may be used to ensure that certain topics or discussions are not brought to our comment sections.

Links: The posting of links in comments can be viewed as spam. Logged-in users will be generally exempt from this rule, however it is a way to protect our site and fellow commentors from spam and malware.

Account Authentication

We understand that not all people wish to make an account to engage in discussion, but we encourage it. We will not send any communication to people who create an account without their express permission.

NOTE: These guidelines may be revised or updated at any time, without notice.

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