Laneth Sffarlenn

Aussie Voice Over Artist & Actor

Quick info about Neth:

Non-Binary (They/He) • Melbourne, Australia (UTC+10)

Global Remote Human Talent with Broadcast-Quality Home Studio

I do not consent for my voice to have anything to do with gen-ai.

Voice Demos available for review & download just below.

Remote voiceover session booking:

Voice Demos

For more downloads, plus tracklists & timestamps for each demo, or to listen to each individual fully-produced spot, please go to my Demos page.


MP3 (0:58) (192kbps, Stereo)

Produced in late-2019 by Andy Wells — Voices of Tomorrow

Video Game

MP3 (1:22) (320kbps, Stereo WAV (1:22) (48kHz 24-bit, Stereo)

Produced in 2024 by Tony WijsImmersed Productions

Home Studio Samples (Noise Floor)

Home Studio Technical Details

Standard Signal Chain
  • Microphone = RØDE NTG5
  • Interace = ZOOM F3
  • Headphones = beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro – 80 Ω
Alternative Gear (Backup Signal Chain Items)
  • Microphone = RØDE NT1-A
  • Interaces =
    • Universal Audio Volt 1;
    • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen
  • DAWs =
    • Avid Pro Tools Studio
    • Adobe Audition
  • Headphones = Sennheiser HD 300

Studio Audio Sample - RAW

Download WAV file for review.

My typical daytime noise floor sits at around -60dB, and this can drop to as low as -75dB depending on whether local bird life & traffic plays nicely.

This unprocessed sample was recorded at approx. 11am AEST on 4th April 2023.

Basic Clean Up FX Chain

Download WAV file for review.

Same recording as above RAW sample, only with my “basic clean-up” VST fx plugin chain applied, lowering the noise floor down further to around -77dB.

Complete FX Chain

Download WAV file for review.

Same again, only this time with my complete FX chain applied, making me sound nice and smooth, as far as my ears like to hear it haha!

The noise floor sits at around -63dB here because of the post processing done. For more info, see below.

About my FX chains - Process and VST Plugins used.

Basic Clean Up Chain

  1. Reductive EQ
  2. Basic mouth de-click
  3. Noise Floor tidy up & attenuation of unwanted intrusive sounds

Complete FX Chain

  1. Basic Clean Up Chain, as detailed above.
  2. Subtle excitment of the mid and high frequency content
  3. Low level & high level compression
  4. Slight boost in lower frequencies to bolster my fundamental frequency
  5. Medium-speed compression
  6. Super-slow attack compression
  7. Light de-reverb (if required – but haven’t needed it yet)
  8. Light de-ess sibilance reduction (if required)
  9. -3 dB True Peak limiting
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