2005 ~ Subway

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2005 ~ Subway

Post by Laneth » 2:58 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

Hot on the heels of my ridiculous experience at McDonald's, I interviewed for a position at the local Subway restaurant.

*THIS* would be my first job that I'd actually enjoy, would give me an experience of not only responsibility in the workplace as both a valued team member and supervisor, and would teach me a little about myself at the same time.


I don't remember specifically what day I started, but I do remember my interview with one of the manager partners, Harry. (The other guys name was Gary...lol?)

We met in the food court, right out front of the store itself. Chatted for a little, but I think that Harry was really only getting a feel for me as a person, since apparently seeing McDonald's on my resume was enough for him to want to hire me. "They train their staff really well, it's good enough for me." he said to me.

I tried to tell him the nature behind my leaving and whether it would be a concern, but he waved it away and said that I'd have plenty of time between the "waves of people" that tended to visit the store.

So, I started my first shift and managed to have the whole menu of standard subs memorised by the end of the first hour. By the end of the first shift Harry'd worked out the rest of my roster and announced to me that he was so impressed by my performance that he wanted to not only give me keys to the store so I could do open/close shifts, but he wanted me to be one of his shift 'managers' (even though there was no such role as such) and would trust me with banking and rosters. He also wanted to put me into the Certificate IV of Retail Management, so confident he was of my ability to work in the store.

I really enjoyed my time here. Coupled with my studying Mandarin part-time at uni in the city, it made my general life at the time feel complete and like I was actually growing as a person for the first time since leaving home some years before.

It was only towards the end of the year spent at Subway that I began to dislike the work. The owners changed and the incoming managers were a lot less accommodating of things like "staff discount" for customers that worked in the plaza, or making subs with care and attention to the regular customers "Stick to the formula, you're wasting ingredients!" and "Don't throw that out, it's fine!" were common things I often fought with them about.

I was already working part-time at my next job, EB Games, when I decided I would resign from Subway. I came to the realisation that I wasn't enjoying myself and even then, I didn't believe in pushing yourself to work in an inherently negative workplace.
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