2005 - 2013 ~ Mind Body Spirit Festival

Places that I have 'officially' volunteered, so not counting one-off or brief stints helping organisations or businesses.
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2005 - 2013 ~ Mind Body Spirit Festival

Post by Laneth » 3:02 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

The Mind Body Spirit Festival

MBS has been running annually in Australia since 1989 and currently runs in Melbourne and Sydney twice a year, and once in Brisbane. Collectively they are Australia's longest running and most respected wellbeing events, and if you register via their website these days, you can get into the festival for free. (Tickets are $20 otherwise)

I first came to the MBS Festival thanks to an old mutual friend of my ex-wife and I, who took us along to the Melbourne festival in June 2005. She had always wanted to go to the one in Sydney, but as she lived in Griffith had never had the chance. Now that she was studying down here in Melbourne, she wasn't going to miss out.

This was where I first met my now good friend Scott Alexander King, and subsequently later that year when I helped him out on his stall, also met my other good friends Lucy Cavendish and Maria Elita. It's funny, being friends with these folks and "name dropping" or boasting some pretty heavy hitters among the Australian (and international) spiritual and esoteric communities as friends of mine. Stacey Demarco, Serene Conneeley, Lizzie Rose, Roz Tilley, Caiseal Mor; I've been lucky enough to have befriended many folk, a good many of them I am still in contact with and have made friends with friends of theirs too.

For close to ten years I volunteered at the MBS festival, aiding many of those I've named above in running their stands and hosting Lucy numerous times at my house and playing chauffeur to/from the festival and airports.

In 2009, I attended the mid-year festival in Sydney to help out Lucy with her stall up there, as a bit of an adventure and holiday for myself. I have rarely taken time off for myself for any more time than a weekend, and this was a bit of a treat. I even made a lasting friend up there that I've only ever met once but remain quite close with today.

As an outward reflection of the inner turmoil that I was suffering thanks to the suppression of my more spiritual and philosophical side in my home life, as the years went on up until my divorce and for a handful afterwards, I began to become more-and-more disenfranchised by the whole affair, believing the festival to be a breeding ground of shallowness in the visitors and being almost like a barrel full of fish for the exhibitors to go hunting in and just make money. There are some who plan the release of their products for around the festival times each year to capitalise on sales they'd make there, and I lost faith in my friends and the wider community for a time.

I've now rationalised a lot of my concerns and beliefs surrounding it, and believe that I must personally stick to my solitary path and arrange time to visit with my friends outside of a festival setting. This way we aren't engaging when they're in sales mode and I don't have to deal with the predations of hungry festival-goers that just want the next new things...
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