Becoming Vegetarian...

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Becoming Vegetarian...

Post by Laneth » 2:04 pm - Tue Sep 11, 2018

The idea and desire to 'give up meat' has been one in my mind for a very long time, however the will and commitment has not.

It's a strange concept when you step back to think about it; "Giving up" meat, as if it's a right or privilege that we, as humans, have to consciously think and make deliberate choices about. On the other side of the decision, it's something that one cannot even fathom it being a question in one's mind: Should I acknowledge the ethical dilemma in my heart and make the move to stop eating meat?

It then becomes a question, for me, of whether I should take it the inevitable step further along the ethics chain and "give up" animal-derived products that all form part of the mass-produced, mass-sourced cruel industry that supports a massive portion of mankind.

Milk and cheese and eggs - the trifecta of cruelly-obtained mass-produced animal products that *aren't* meat. I don't really drink a whole lot of milk anymore and will probably transition away from it when I have settled on the meat change. Cheese I've never been that big a fan of, especially given the physical response I have from eating it.

Eggs will be a problem for me because I eat probably an unhealthy amount of them, but then there are patches where I don't have any egg product for months at a time without issue. It's all a mental battle, nothing more. At least that is what I've come to believe.

As far as meat is concerned, it's a multi-layered issue that isn't easily resolved within oneself, unless the will is iron-shod and unswerving.

I've found that it hasn't been too hard, however when one is rushed or feeling lazy, one can all-too-easily give oneself a 'pass' and slip up.

It's only been just on a month since I took the plunge, and have tripped-up three times, the most recent of which being today. I had the desire for a particular product for lunch, and so I just went and did it. I'd made the decision and wasn't going to think twice on it, despite my desire to stop doing even this.

Baby steps, is what I promised myself, and allowing myself that grace of "if I 'slip up' in the early stages, I won't be too hard on myself" I think may have been a bad idea. Jasmine has been so very encouraging, especially considering she's Vegan.

At least it has been small amounts of meat within a massive meal, rather than a meal made up around the meat like I used to do.

The ethics are the biggest thing at play in my mind and heart, and I don't quite know how I can rationalise my behaviour without feeling absolute revulsion against my lack of strength or will, to stand up against such "craving" or laziness.

I'm sure, however, that it will be something that - in time, and not much more of it - that I'll have managed to kick the desire altogether, and will be well on my way to a healthier me.

One of the interesting things is that, while I haven't completely dropped sugar, around the same time I have mostly cut out sugars (not counting honey) when it comes to cereals or tea. I've dropped weight since dropping meat and incidentally-sugar, though the sugar thing is something I'll have to fight another time.

The weight I've dropped is a combination of a flattened stomach (though not by too much, but enough to be noticeable to me) and a couple of kgs (I think). It's a good start, and when I finally get off my arse and start working out (if I do), then I will probably see a more rapid change in my physiology - here's hoping I get some muscle tone back and can lose the tummy as well.
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