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How To Write Social Media Updates

Posted: 10:02 pm - Fri Aug 17, 2018
by Laneth
It’s no secret to my friends on Facebook and Twitter that I harbour a great love for the company Buffer, as well as their amazing employees.

So it should come as no surprise that one of my first blog posts here on would be about one of my favourite articles posted to the Buffer Blog – “How To Write Social Media Updates” (granted this was posted two years ago, but it is still fresh and inspiring)

Kevan draws an analogy between ‘go-to moves’ when playing basketball and when writing social media updates, affirming that he’s ever on the hunt for new ways to craft his updates and proceeds to share his list of “71 Ways to Write a Social Media Update

Example of Facebook post - Tips by Kevan Lee

His post combines numbered lists and inline image examples (as above), to further illustrate his points, making the list succinct and easy to navigate. There’s something there for most social media managers that are looking to update their posting repertoire.

I know I’ll be using this list for a while!

What do you think of his tips?

What would you add, given this post was written two years ago and most major networks have changed considerably since this was posted?