2018 - Cast The Pods Podcast

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2018 - Cast The Pods Podcast

Post by Laneth » 3:04 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

Coming hot on the heels of our busy production on That Stupid Cupboard, Louna and I really felt the urge to create a podcast wherein we unleashed unto the world an hour-long, weekly comedy show wherein she and I could just make each other laugh.

A couple of setbacks along the way, we still got eleven episodes in before we both got a little overwhelmed and burnt out in our lives and put it on a temporary hiatus.

We received amazing feedback from a core group of listeners, building a small but absolutely dedicate following. It helped that they were many of them fans of Louna and her Twitch streams.

As of writing this, I feel that we're both itching to get back into it - keep your eyes on our website, twitter, and instagram for more details!

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