2010 - Ongoing ~ YouTube/Twitch

Places that I have 'officially' volunteered, so not counting one-off or brief stints helping organisations or businesses.
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2010 - Ongoing ~ YouTube/Twitch

Post by Laneth » 3:02 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with YouTube, and it all dates back to 2010.

Back then, one of the very first videos I ever made was one of me deciding to cut off my long hair - something I've regretted ever since, mind you!

When in late 2011 I discovered that I was going to be getting divorced, I lost all the wind from my sails and dropped off the vlogging wagon, no matter how I was beginning to carve my own little niche in storytelling. My heart was no longer in it.

I would go on several times afterwards over the coming two years to pick it back up, even trying with Sera to conceptualise various types of show ideas, ultimately not really doing anything creative of my own (not really) on the channel ever again.

The most I would do is act in other creators' content and assist them in the making of it, where I felt my heart would lie; it turns out that the production side of things, while I do enjoy helping, I don't enjoy being one of only two crew and while I am wildly proud of That Stupid Cupboard, I cannot see myself going back to it unless Louna and I have help in making it. It's just too much work and pressure otherwise.

Twitch is something that I've considered doing, but again I simply don't have the creative drive and desire to dedicate such a portion of my life to it. Perhaps someday, but I cannot see myself doing it now.

If you'd like to view what videos I still have public, and see my list of videos that I've acted in for others, here's my channel.
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