2011 ~ AusOne (YouTube)

Places that I have 'officially' volunteered, so not counting one-off or brief stints helping organisations or businesses.
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2011 ~ AusOne (YouTube)

Post by Laneth » 3:02 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

AusOne was a gathering in Melbourne at Federation Square that I helped to plan and run, however at the last minute didn't attend as it fell within the week of my separation. Bummer lol

From all reports, it went off really well, with reps from YouTube and even one of the board directors from Google attending and thinking it was awesome! Flash forward seven years and we've just had our second official VidCon here in Aus, what we'd hoped to create ourselves, but looking back at this event with fondness will have to be enough.

And we will not talk about Expload!...
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