2016 - 2018 ~ Rubin Partners

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2016 - 2018 ~ Rubin Partners

Post by Laneth » 3:00 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

From my LinkedIn Profile:
Responsible for the running of the Corporate Secretarial division of a busy Accounting firm in St Kilda, my role involves the maintenance of an extensive client base and their compliance needs.

Standard secretarial tasks involving:
● Establishing new business structures
● ASIC compliance for companies and business names
● Maintaining large and complicated share and unit registers
● Maintaining the corporate registers both physically and digitally.

Further ad hoc tasks as needed to assist the partners, including:
● Liaising with lawyers in the purchase and takeover of businesses
● Corporate takeovers and compliance audits
● Maintaining trust account records
● Staff training in software usage
I was employed full-time as a maternity leave cover and managed an extremely busy corporate secretarial division in a relatively large lower-tier accounting firm in St Kilda.

I consider myself lucky to have worked at Rubin Partners as it not only allowed me to reacquaint myself with secretarial work after almost four years away from it all, but I was able to get some extended experience in areas I'd not been exposed to previously.

I worked closely with the senior partner in an ad hoc PA role, assisting with business acquisitions as well as estate planning and mortgages. I was also able to learn a bit about the property investment industry and managed several highly active unit trusts and share registers.

Overall it was a positive experience, however towards the end I became burnt out in full-time life and I sought part-time work which required me to resign.
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