2011 - 2012 ~ Castle Corporate

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2011 - 2012 ~ Castle Corporate

Post by Laneth » 2:59 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

Castle Corporate acquired Norfolk Corporate Support / NCS Services in a business merger in 2011

I was lucky enough to have my contract picked up, for the wealth of knowledge that I had was viewed as valuable enough to not let go to waste.

In my time at Castle, I continued my work with registrations and the formation of new business structures, however the Castle business and client base was much more extensive than at NCS, so I was spending much of my time only setting up new business structures, and I began to feel quite under-utilised.

After I'd helped to integrate the NCS clients into the Castle system and Sue had finally stepped out, the merger was complete. I began to negotiate additional and more varied tasks when I could. I was able to work part-time with the marketing manager and also with management on the general rebranding of the entire business, which was actually pretty cool.

Around mid-2012 I began to work with their IT department in the final stages of developing a side-business that is based in the same industry, but it was a paperless offering of the same sort of products and services. The intent was that I would create the marketing and social strategies for this new business, and drive the minimal support requirements in the event that online automatic orders weren't processed.

Working at Castle with the larger staff and a much more varied range of departments and tasks opened up my view on how the incredibly integrated training I'd had was not the "norm" insofar as registry / secretarial firms like this ran, especially on the larger scale. The fact that I rarely got the chance to work on the secretarial tasks and was limited mostly to registrations was a frustration, but as said above, I managed to diversify regardless. It just meant that I'd work double-time in order to be able to fit in other tasks.
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