2006 - 2011 ~ Norfolk Corporate Support

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2006 - 2011 ~ Norfolk Corporate Support

Post by Laneth » 2:59 pm - Wed Aug 08, 2018

The start of my corporate life!


From my LinkedIn profile:
Duties included:
● General reception (phones, mail, banking, stationery, greeting clients, etc.)
● Corporate secretarial duties, including:
- Registering Australian private, public, and not-for-profit companies
- Establishing trust funds and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)
- Liaising with numerous accounting and law firms and their directors, both individuals and mid-tier firms
- Visiting government departments in city CBD to lodge documents (prior to all-online lodgement systems going live)
- Visiting client offices to work on-site to assist their business when their compliance/registry staff were on leave
● Spending time in in-house training with business owner to ensure up-to-date product and procedure knowledge
● Attending software-specific training with software company to ensure proficiency and to learn extra skills
● Attending open forums with government bodies as representative for our company to learn about upcoming changes in legislation and requirements, and to request specific changes / inclusions in future legislative / website / software access updates

Also assisted in the creation of a more formalised training course in compliance for accounting and legal employees.

Sue took a chance on a young James, an almost-23 year old guy with an almost-ponytail and no real office work history. I think my enthusiasm for doing more than just reception work and a willingness to learn more than was advertised helped to get me over the line.

This was the first job that would really prepare me for a true adult life. Many young people would go to university and get their professional training in their late-teens or early-twenties, but I spent that time in a bit of a clouded haze; it was a blessing to have someone like Sue see some potential in me and giving me the chance to make something of myself.

NCS was a specialist registry and secretarial firm, one of few in Australia with a reputation such as it had. Servicing not only a huge network of Victorian accounting and legal firms as an outsourced corporate compliance firm, we had national and international clientele as well for both compliance and registry needs.

Sue worked one day a week in the city as an assistant to the Company Secretary of a major public company, also assisting in the merger/takeover of that company when the time came. She has a wealth of knowledge and some four decades of experience in the field; I couldn't have asked for anyone better to learn from.

When the GFC hit in 2009, our small business took a bit of a hit. Sue had run NCS since 1995 and we were slowly expanding up until 2009 when things started to plateau a little. This biggest blow for her business model came when our major software provider altered user agreement details and caused us to be virtually unable to continue operating as a business with any expectation to turn a profit. It really was a small business, and the crippling effects of the past couple of years led Sue to sell the business in 2011 to a larger competitor, Castle Corporate.

Until that time, I spent five solid years working in the small tight-knit crew in NCS, learning not only office administration and management skills, but also achieving a wealth of learning in the secretarial and compliance world, thanks to Sue's training. I worked with foreign companies and aided her in the not-for-profit sector when we had clients there. Mainly my focus was on assisting accounting and legal firms with their ongoing secretarial and compliance needs, and the establishment of new business structures.

It would be this training and experience that I would rely upon when, after some years absent from the work, I would seek to return to secretarial work in 2016.
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