Where in the World is Laneth?

A little bit more personal of a profile of Laneth and just who they are as a person.
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Where in the World is Laneth?

Post by Laneth » 1:23 pm - Mon Aug 13, 2018

In contrast to the post in the Online Profile forum, this post will likely be less interesting, unless you want to know about me as a person and what I do (or don't, as the case may be) :P

So, where to begin? This is meant to be a profile of me, so it's kind of an "About Me" post, which I despise writing. Here's hoping you stick with me here...

To start off silly yet literally, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've been here since I was nigh on two, my parents having moved here from Adelaide where we're all from originally.

To get a sense of who I really am, however, make sure you've got a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate or some form of comforting beverage. This could take a while, because I like to tell a story in detail...


Ever since I can remember, I've had a burning desire to write. Fantasy is my favourite genre to read, so naturally I have a novel underway, however there are a couple of other things I'm writing also.

In 2010 I wrote a blog every day for six months that detailed my experiences from the day I was kicked out home until the ten year anniversary of that date. I wrote it as a memoir-style journal online, and have developed it into a 30-year memoir in three parts. This is my next big project.
I'm also formulating ideas for content based on my spiritual and philosophical beliefs, which is something that has also been burning my fingertips to tap out on a keyboard for some time. This area is a little less clear, but I believe will open up once I get going on the other writing tasks.


I am an Actor. That statement has taken me the better-part of my life to accept and express. I used to say I want to be an actor 'one day', however with all I've achieved in such a small time, I can confidently say that I am an actor.

Check out my IMDb profile, or this post for an overview of the acting and related work I've done since deciding to no longer ignore the burning passion within me. There came a time in 2014 when I reached a point whereby I could no longer justify ignoring my true desires; what is life for, but living?

I believe I have a healthy dream of what I'd like to get out of my career, and where I'd like it to take me and in what forms. I hope you'll see my name one day and remember reading this.


I am studying the Japanese language, finally. Where I may have once thought that studying Mandarin Chinese back in 2006 was my desire, time and a deeper understanding of my respect for the Japanese people and their history and way of life showed me the way.

With one of my best friends, who is probably more of an Otaku than I am, we've embarked on a journey into learning the language, both spoken and written, with the intent to achieve fluency. We both have different base motivations, but the overall desire to speak, read, and understand Japanese is the same.

I harbour a desire to travel to Japan to stay for a good long time, to perhaps teach English, and to immerse myself in a culture that seems better suited to my soul than my home here in Australia.

Corporate Compliance

What I do during the day to earn the necessary money I need to survive is called 'corporate compliance' or 'corporate secretarial' work. It can be called a highly-specialised yet glorified administration role, ensuring the compliance of Australian companies with Australian company, trust, superannuation, and tax laws.

I came to this work in 2006 through necessity of full time work, and over the years have come to be quite proud of my knowledge and ability in the field, and to also enjoy the work itself. Where I may have began the work out of need, I now go to work with a love and pride in what I do.
I am also quite lucky to work in an Accounting firm that is tolerant of my health issues, my personality quirks, and my working pace.

A note on writing...
I mentioned above my prior writing work on the memoir-esque blog. I originally hosted this on the domain http://ittakes10years.com, however I took that site down and will eventually point the traffic back here to a specific domain that will house those old blog posts. Despite writing the blog from scratch as an actual memoir manuscript with the intent of publishing it, I believe that the original blog should remain online for posterity - at least until my future publisher insists on taking it down.

You can find the blog posts under the writing forum: 'The 10 Years Project'

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading this haphazard biography of mine, which is really only a surface-level glimpse of who I am. For a better idea, check out the social links at the top-or-bottom of any page and see what I'm up to in real time.
Be well, and be kind to each other.

Laneth Sffarlenn

“As a spirit schooled to power, his perception stems from one absolute. Universal harmony begins with recognition that the life in an ordinary pebble is as sacred as conscious selfhood.” ― Janny Wurts, The Curse of the Mistwraith