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Some general housekeeping for any visitors to this site - includes disclaimers about the content herein and general copyright/legal notices.
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General Disclaimer & Welcome

Post by Laneth » 11:06 pm - Mon Aug 06, 2018

Welcome to, my home online for a little over a decade now.

The purposes of the domains that I've had over the years has been to act as a blog-hub, however I'm the kind of person that gets bogged down in details and visual style (hell, even setting this up I'm already trying to plan and alter the theme...*sigh*)

Because I've evolved my site beyond a blog system and have settled on a forum as the site design and function, it will come with its fair-share of challenges and annoyances, however I feel that building a community around this format might be just a little bit better and more lasting than if I were to just have fly-by-night commenters on my WordPress blogs.

So, if you've found yourself here for the first time, or are a return visitor, welcome!

I've made this post as a bit of a housekeeping notification so that I can set out all the rules that I'd like to establish for interacting with my various streams of content, as well as the process for applying for membership so that we can interact.

Read my Site/Forum Rules: app.php/rules

How to gain access to & become a user of

1. Read and agree to the rules (above) and membership terms by visiting this link (Register).

2. Once agreed, fill in the membership page, making sure to complete all required fields.

3. Await account creation by me, as I will be screening all applications.

4. Start reading and commenting on my site!

Thanks so much for respecting me and the community here by doing the right thing.
Laneth Sffarlenn

“As a spirit schooled to power, his perception stems from one absolute. Universal harmony begins with recognition that the life in an ordinary pebble is as sacred as conscious selfhood.” ― Janny Wurts, The Curse of the Mistwraith