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Actor, voice actor, singer - Laneth may not dance, but he can still command a strong stage or screen presence.
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Filmography / Overview

Post by Laneth » 11:17 pm - Sun Aug 12, 2018

Here follows an itemised list in date order of the whole production / performance history of Laneth Sffarlenn
Example Format:
  • Production Title, Role/Position, Company/Director (Format/Platform)

  • Voices of Tomorrow, Student
  • The Travel Counsellor, Actor / Sound Department, Locked-In Productions (TV)

  • Step Into The Spotlight, Main cast (multiple roles), St Andrew's Amateur Theatre Company - Werribee (Theatre)
  • #waterwiththat, Main voice cast, Parents' Voice (Internet Ad Campaign)
  • Zero Runner, Supporting cast, ItchyBack Productions, Rick Vaveliuk (Film)
  • The Target, Main cast / Sound Department, Locked In Productions, Giovanna Mercuri (Film)
  • Venture, Supporting cast, Valiant Film Company, Michael Irwin (Short Film)

  • That Stupid Cupboard, Main cast / Writer / Director / Cinematographer, Louna Maroun (Internet)
  • New Dawn, Supporting cast, Pandora Productions, Glenn Ellis (Film)
  • One Life No Regrets, Main cast "Gazza", Mad Cat Theatre Company, Joanna Buddee (Theatre)
  • Dialga & Palkia's Loud Adventures, Zekrom / Reshiram (Voice actor), MegaMitch (Internet)
  • Salvation Heartbreak P2, Main cast "Bernado", Locked In Productions, Giovanna Mercuri (Short Film)
  • Salvation Heartbreak P1, Main cast "Bernado", Locked In Productions, Giovanna Mercuri (Short Film)
  • Learnicorns, Supporting cast (Voiceactor), Learnicorns, Wengie (Internet)
  • Under The Bed, Main cast "Danny", Hardikkumar Patel (Short Film)

  • How To Be WheezyWaiter, Main cast, Ernest Videos (Internet)
  • The Last Hope, Supporting cast, Pandora Productions, Leigh Ormsby (Film)
  • Time Apart, Supporting cast, Ric Forster (Film)
  • Bad Voice Acting, Main cast (Voice actor), Realms Animation, Mathew McKenna (Internet)
  • Swipe Left For Love, Narrator/Main Cast, Amanda Pritchard (Theatre)
  • Death Note (Scene), L, Phillip Stano (Student Short Film)

  • Finder, Supporting cast, Tymon Langford (Short Film)
  • Ali's Wedding, Extra, Matchbox Pictures, Jeffrey Walker (Film)
  • Neighbours, Extra, Fremantle Media (TV)
  • Waste of Time, Writer, BENdid Productions, Alistair Marks & Ben Nicholas (Short Film)
  • Telepathy, Supporting cast, Indimax Productions, Ben Whimpey (Short Film)
  • Footballer Wants A Wife, Supporting Cast, Crankyfish, Ben Nicholas (Internet)
  • How To Save Time, Main cast, Louna Maroun (Internet)
  • Summertime Boys - Masketta Fall parody, Supporting cast, Louna Maroun (Internet / Music Video)
  • 50 Subscribers & Counting, Self, Billy Ptolemy (Internet / Documentary)
  • Verve Studios Melbourne, Student
  • Raise A Glass, Supporting cast, VB/RSL/Legacy (TV Commercial)

  • Peter Pan - A Pantomime Adventure, Captain Hook, St Andrew's Amateur Theatre Company, Luke Robinson (Theatre)
  • Neighbours vs Zombies - Theme song, Supporting cast, Louna Maroun (Internet / Music Video)
  • Neighbours vs Zombies, Supporting cast, Fremantle Media, Ric Forster (Internet)
  • KamKarika: Totem, Main cast, Sasha Skobby (Short Film)
  • Stickybeak, Narrator (Voiceover), Amy Hanley (University Project)
  • Real Life Video Games, Supporting cast, The Feed SBS, Marc Fennel (TV)

  • The Activists, Second Assistant Director, Nadia Green (Film)
  • I Am Annoying, 'Sexy Boss' / Brock Ollie, Louna Maroun (Internet)
  • Hostage, Supporting cast, Corndog Studios, Liam Pa'apa'a (Short Film)
  • Breaking Dad, Main cast, Max & Sam Comedy (Internet)
  • Real World vs Ideal World, Brock Ollie, Louna Maroun (Internet)
  • Kiss Goodbye To MS, Voiceover, MS Australia (TV Commercial)

  • Child's Play, Main Cast, JustKevYTP (Internet)
  • Love Is Love Official Trailer, Main cast, JustKevYTP (Internet)
  • Animal STEROIDS, Supporting cast / Cinematographer, JustKevYTP (Internet)
  • Latte-A-Holes, Main cast, Max & Sam Comedy (Internet)
  • Adhocracy, Main cast, LoneSoldier Films (Internet)

  • Queen of the Damned, Concert Attendee (uncredited), Warner Bros., Michael Rymer (Film)
  • Theatre of the Oppressed, Main cast, Bryan Derrick (Theatre)
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