In the beginning…

In 2006 I got myself an administration+ job in Eltham, Victoria, a short walk from my house. It was everything I could have wanted and more, (hence the +), because it combined the general administrative/reception skills I had with learning a shitload of new things.

The job was with a small Corporate Registry firm that specialised in the formation and maintenance of corporate structures for accounting and legal firms that wanted to outsource the work or simply didn’t have staff who knew enough corporate compliance to do it in-house.

Reception duties, trips into the city to lodge at several government agencies, and a kind-of ad hoc PA-type role; I was in job heaven.

That is until I discovered just how far people will go to cut corners; to “save time” or just do as little as possible while getting the job passably done.

I know a shortcut…

When people in movies say, “I know a shortcut,” the view is quite often tipped off that things are not going to go the way the characters had hoped, and it’s amusing to me that this little trope can carry across into real life.

Whether it was at my own office or when I was out working on-site at a client’s firm, the signs of shortcuts and ‘time saving efforts’ were everywhere. People had set up entire systems into their work life to help ‘save them time’ that ultimately meant wasting someone else’s time later on down the track.

Guess who that ‘someone else’ often tends to be?

When it comes to governance and compliance, there’s really only ever one way to do things unless you like wasting your time and money, and that’s the right way. If you try to cut corners or save time, you’re really just risking stuffing something up and potentially costing yourself or your clients a whole heap of time and money, and potentially even more severe consequences.

The “Right Way”

Teenage Laneth might not agree with the wizened old 30-something that I am now, but it’s a really odd thing to just not want to do things right the first time around. Laziness, poor time management, whatever the reason – it seems a lot of people simply cannot bring themselves to do their jobs properly the first time around consistently.

Sure we all have our off days, but when it comes to installing an actual process or system of managing a task that actually includes these shortcuts, that’s when you know you’ve got problems.

Doubly-so when your job is that of a glorified data entry clerk, not that there’s anything wrong with being a data entry clerk. Some of my best friends are…okay, we won’t do that joke.


I guess the point of this post was for me to just vent my frustrations, as it seems that no matter where I go or how much time passes, people don’t change.

I’ve been finding and fixing little errors in my current job that simply shouldn’t have existed in the first place, or have been being ignored for over ten years in some cases, all because someone hadn’t done their job right the first time around. And it just eats away at my productive time, which is frustrating.

So in closing, I guess I’d just like to say, please try to not rush through and ‘save time’ by cutting corners. You’re only screwing over other people in the future.


Laneth is an Aussie actor, writer, white-collar tragic, and all-around dork. Laneth on IMDb | Melbourne, Australia