Greetings folks,

As the title would suggest, I’ve wiped my site clean (again) and am starting fresh. I’ve a little bit more ambition and direction for the site this time around, so hopefully you’ll get some semi-regular updates if you choose to stick around.

I’ll get a bunch of functionality up-and-running eventually, but for now this is just the bare bones site that you see. Nothing fancy. I’m not going to rush myself or try to do too much; this is what burns me out each time. I’ve had a website and blog in some form on various domains now for almost eighteen years, and there are still links when searching my name to posts on old sites that haven’t been active for years, so clearly I’ve done something right over time to get lasting ranking and indexing.

I don’t know, I’m just rambling now. This site will essentially be a personal blog filled with stories and opinions that I feel compelled to share. And my old big blog series, The “It Takes 10 Years” Project, will be re-hosted here for posterity and sharing with a new audience.

Some of the posts will be tidied up and there may even be new content in there, we’ll see. I won’t be actively sharing those posts, so if you read them, hello and welcome to a chapter of my life that was a wild ride!

For now, I’m signing off. Welcome to my site, and thanks for reading. I look forward to having you along on this journey.

In kindness,

Laneth Sffarlenn