Author’s Note: This is a short post and names have been changed.

So, after the fiasco with getting and losing that job, Marty and I were on edge.

He was smoking more than usual and I was fighting a LOT with “The Ex”. Generally speaking, we were both pretty depressed. Spending Christmas with each other down in Glenroy like it was nothing more than another day kinda set us in a bad mood.

Moving into our new place didn’t help either. We had Marty’s parents help us move all our crap over to the new place and we moved it all in. His mother wasn’t all that happy that he was moving in with me, but whatever. I couldn’t care less about her bitchiness at that point.

Anyway, the point of this was to point out that it was around now that I realised that I just couldn’t stand living with Marty anymore. His pot habit changed him when he was high and there were a few times that he was giggling in a stupor and hit me in the head with his massive chunky ring. I just couldn’t stand it anymore—it was one thing to muck around when straight but I just really didn’t like who he was when he was high.

That and the fact that I was simply sick of being corrected and argued with with practically any topic that came up, whether I was the one that knew about it or not. It is just so draining.

Anyway, the fallout is covered tomorrow… “Leaving our place in under a month…”