Coming out of Spellbox one afternoon I saw a girl around my age who was putting on a scarf that was huge! It was one of those really wide ones that was also really long – something that could be wrapped around the body a couple of times and double as a skirt / dress / sarong, etc.

It was a really pretty scarf too, so I thought that I would make a comment on it. I walked pretty briskly back then so I naturally caught up with her and just said, “I love your scarf, it’s really pretty.”

(Someone tell me if that’s flirtatious or not – I am clueless when it comes to these things and I really didn’t know if that was simply polite conversation or something else…)

Anyway, she looked me up and down (remember, I dressed up practically every day and was, again, wearing my dress/robe and cloak) and she remarked, “Thanks, I like your costume too. Are you in a play?”

From there we got to talking about how I’m nuts and dress like that every day to a whole bunch of other things. It was one of those serendipitous moments where two people just connect for some reason and we ended up heading out of the little arcade and sat down on one of the benches in the Bourke Street Mall.

We sat for close to four hours while the sun slowly sank and just talked. About life, about ourselves and our experiences. She told me about her travels in other lands and I told her about my travels around Victoria with all the moves I’d done up until then.

It was really nice to simply connect with someone without any expectations or fears or preconceived notions of friendship or having to work for a long time to build up such a rapport.

We eventually parted ways, swapping numbers and almost leaving it to fate for our next meeting. She went off to a rave (I believe) and I went off home back to Glenroy where Marty was waiting and wondering where “the hell I’d been” cos he had been waiting to eat with me. (Oops…should have texted at least…)

It was a couple of years before Lillie and I caught up again and a few years more again after that. Thanks to the magick of Facebook, we can keep in touch since we don’t live near each other anymore.