Author’s Note: Short post & Names have been changed.

Living with someone else’s grandparents is an interesting experience to say the least, especially when said grandparents were practically house-bound and didn’t leave without either family or their carer that came every other day.

They had mild dementia, the both of them, and spent the bulk of their time in their front room watching telly and napping or sleeping.

Aside from that, we were pretty much left to our own devices. The back half of the house was like an entire unit stuck on the back of their house. It had its own kitchen and bathroom and a big open room that doubled as our sleeping quarters at night.

We had a fairly decent sized T.V. that we watched a bunch of movies and shows on and played Marty’s X-Box on.

We had it pretty sweet living there for the time we did. I fondly recall hiring videos and games each pay with Marty, us setting aside a certain portion of our Centrelink pays for such entertainment after food.

And man, pooling our money for food was a great idea – we ate like kings! Marty certainly knew how to eat and cook too. There were so many times that I wanted to cook, just to help out, but he insisted and I can say that he cooked much better than I would have!

Probably the only downside to living there was being around when he smoked pot. It wasn’t something I was entirely comfortable with and he was a different person when high; I never knew who I was going to get: Happy, Dopey, Angry, Violent… (Continued tomorrow…)